Monday, December 26, 2005

25th Of December

Believe it or not, when the skies opened on Christmas eve afternoon, I was like "YES! This is what Christmas is about!" I went out in the midst of a downpour that had already flooded the larger drains running underneath the bus stop behind my block. When I reached JP, the rain seemed wanting to go on for eternity. Alas, the sun came out barely an hour later when i emerged out from JP. It's really a tropical X'mas.

Ok doesn't seem very relevant, the above para eh? To me, a sunny Christmas just doesn't seem right at all... Ditto for today (25th Dec).

Gotten Dear the latest (rather new) adidas World Cup edition top; its Argentina, sky blue and white... the next nicest one would be the Brazil edition. In return, I got a new pair of Creative earphones from Dear!!! =) White colour wor!

The huge chunk of Sunday was spent reading Scaredy Cat... shall attempt to do a subsequent mini-review if I can...

Oh the trailer for the Da Vinci Code is out! View it when you watch King Kong, or here . Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon and Audrey Tautou as Sophie Nevau. Worldwide release is 19th May 2006 (shall await for the SG release or JB release, whichever is earlier hehe...).

Signing off.......... 6 days of 2005 left; Ubin here we come...........

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