Wednesday, December 07, 2005

EL Hons 05/06 BBQ 2nd Dec 2005

EL BBQ 2th Dec 2005
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Recap No 1: EL Hons 05/06 BBQ @ Nala's place...

The evening started on a somewhat sullen mood; not eeryone was there yet, the food arrived early, everyone was relax mood... then everything just started to get going... the catered makan came, the charcoal got burning, the food got cooked, the games got going, the alcohol got flowing... and the evening ended with the rain pouring on us as we departed in the midst of our first ever successful EL outing.

Thanks to all who attended and contributed in making the BBQ a huge success! Those who didn't come did miss a certain bit, but hope everyone else can make it for the next one...

Signing off........ wonderful Nite.....

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