Thursday, March 16, 2006


A reprieve to this outpost for a breather...

Feeling so burnt-out, even though I'm already at the last 2 sections of my first draft. Revisions and conflicts within the paper have taken alot from me sia...

I'm past my self-set deadline for 1st draft.; thank goodness I'm about there in terms of meeting the minimum word count. Wonder what will he think of it when he sees it?

And it's going to be a series of deadlines:

23rd March - Narrative Individual Paper (1.5k to 3k)
24th March - NUSWS Intempo 2006: Accelerando
27th March - Gender 500-word write-up based on Monash tie-up discussion
30th March - Narrative Presentation - The Truman Show vs. Man on the Moon
3rd April - Gender 1.5k-word essay
5th April - Submission of ISM essay
6th April - Narrative Presentation-based Group Report of 500 to 2k words
10th April - Gender Individual 10-page Term Paper

I guess I will be having nightmares pretty pretty soon... argh!

Signing off......... Same stuff, different semester...........

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