Thursday, June 22, 2006

I've run out of Titles - 1

England fielded a backline that was representative of the top 5 clubs that lined up the EPL season that just ended:

P. Robinson (Spurs /5th) - GK

A. Cole (Gunners / 4th) - LB

R. Ferdinand (Red Devils / 2nd) - CB

J. Terry (Blues / 1st) - CB

J. Carragher (Reds / 3rd) - RB

How can they escape damnation from the second half performance against Sweden?

Don't play J.C. at right-back anymore - he's gonna be badly exposed by speedy and tricky wingers...


Went JP to take passport-sized photos in the afternoon...

The new interchange looks like its gonna be quite hot, but it's more airy than the old one - can vaguely remember the time when the old one had been the new one, some 15 years ago?

The photos turned out to be one of the better ones I've taken in recent years; I've always managed to look goofy for my passport-sized photos...

Well, not this time - I had spent 5 mins at home rehearsing how to smile! Hah!


While I was walking along the SRC track towards UH with my headphones plugged in and 张敬轩's My Way, there were 3 young ladies lining up on the grass patch nearer to the side at Science Faculty, where those cricket matches are played.

As my Neeon churned out the last few phrases of the chorus, the ladies started to run, ala a race amongst themselves, to nowhere, for about 30-40 metres, before coming to a halt - these are the phrases:

I will find my way
I want a different way
Nothing will stop me now
No matter what they say
I"ll find my way

It seemed exactly like an MTV moment unfolding before me for that 30 secs or so, the visuals complementing the song...

So surreal...


Submitted the reply at UH, and lingered on in Spinelli's with my books...

Surprise to meet Chun Yat (and more surprise to meet) Zhurong!

One's starting work next week, one's just started work as a RA with the SW Dept.

Shall see them during Commencement and take photos with them! =)


I've been trying to type out my logs for the trip online. So far, it's going abit too slow due to various factors. When it'll be ready (hope ASAP, but very unlikely), I'm not sure - so much more to write about.

Watch out for it........

Signing off.................... 两颗心,四行泪...........

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