Friday, June 30, 2006

There's no WC...

... yet I'm still awake, at 4am...

Been thinking about two things, even though I had been reminded that the travel blog needs some updating...


Numero Uno:

By chance, I came across *'s blog two hours ago; * is this former project mate a couple of semesters ago, who's consistently excelling on the academic front.

Spent the last one and a half hours browsing through part of the archives...

(Why? I admit, it's partly a narcissistic reason - just to see if I am significant enough to people whom I don't really have the chance to get to know better; my guess was that I probably had been mentioned half a time - if one of the entities in the NP "two guys" had indeed been referring to me. YEAH , SAY "HI" TO THE BLOG STALKER!)

I must say, I really envy * and *'s partner - if they hadn't mention they are still dating, they can be easily mistaken as a loving, doting, married couple. Indeed, they already behave like one in school (no negative connotations, just pure envy and admiration - ok lah, maybe a 0.01% tinge of jealousy... oh no, SIN-ned!).

Reading the entries not only restore my belief towards #, but also totally changed my perception towards the personality of a person. I tried coming up with explanations why is this so - is it the environment, or is it because of the company one is with, or is it because there is no single personality in a person, or........

And then it sets in - I probably don't know the person well enough to begin with, and even if I do, am I in a position to judge?

Better do something with your own life first, mate.


Numero Due:

Ok, I think I am starting to do something to my life. I hope I truly am.

Dad accompanied me to DBS to be my guarantor for my loan for MA.

Ever since the Grant slipped away - no, it was me who slipped away from the Grant, I had silently been resolved to apply for a loan to finance the MA, instead of a FS - it's something I wanted to do, and I should bear the burden of it.

Especially since I've been nothing but a money-sucker for so long.

And especially since my siblings both expressed desires to further study abroad, because admission criteria here is simply crazy for dip. holders.

On a slightly different but related note, concessionary benefits will cease for me forever in 19 hours' time.

Within the next 19 hours, I will max out the concession by:

- travelling to school to meet ZW/submit the rest of the MA documents/health check-up for MA at YIH/enquire at Spinelli @ UH about part-timing;

- (possible) meet up with Naga, Galvin, Jeremy, QZ for WC 1/4-Finals.

The next part of bearing my own burden is to hopefully find a part-time thingy, possibly near campus or home. That's why I was pretty excited about the opening at Spinelli's - powerful air-con, within campus, big behind-the-counter area, not-so-busy-yet-not-too-quiet. Have to relegate Coffeebean to a lower rung.

I think I'm not cut out for easy success, the quick-way-to-strike-it-big/rich.

Whatever I hope to have or to be, I have to sweat and toil like a ox for it.

I know - after losing money at the gambling table during CNY for 4-5 successive years, after falling asleep during every Physics class in Sec Sch and ended up having Physics as my weakest Science subject, after underachieving in JC...

There is no easy way out for me.

Face it.


ZW called me shortly after he arrived in SG - so touched! (though he probably read my SMS asking him to contact me when he had read the text.)

A return to the good o' nites..........


It's 5am - the day starts now.

Signing off................ To those falling sick or already fallen sick - speedy recovery and the best of health................

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