Monday, July 03, 2006

Outing - Short but Fun...

Before I fell asleep, I swear I heard the onset of a downpour; I didn't expect to wake up covered in sweat again..

Anyway, I didn't manage to go cut my hair, but I did manage to make it to Somerset to meet ZW - abit late, but +/- 5 mins and I was actually on time wor.

We headed for John Little at Specialists' Centre first - ZW was on the lookout for a pair of black pants. Didn't take long for him to find a nice pair. While he was trying on his pants, I wondered around, trying to search for a top, hopefully for Commencement. It was sheer luck that I managed to find one that matched my criteria - material, the pattern, the overall "Fee-Leng" and all...

ZW managed to find a tie that he liked; I think I shall stick to my yellow tie =)

When we were paying, it just turned out that ZW only paid $4 more for two items than I did for one! Wow, the pants were really a steal!

We went to Starbucks for an early tea break. Over tea, I msged Galvin to ask for his preference of his birthday present - if anyone can afford Galvin a laptop for his 25th birthday, please let me know. The only laptop we are capable of giving him now..... I don't wanna say.

Anyway, we headed to Robinsons' after tea to see if there's anything suitable for Galvin, then headed to Food Republic for makan. Today, we had the luxury of choosing some seats by the window. Had drinks, while ZW bought some toast to share while waiting for Diana...

For main course, I had a nice old cucumber soup with pork ribs, while ZW, after debating on whether to eat laksa or minced meat noodles, decided on the latter. Dessert for us (me and my ZW) was ice kachang.

And it's time for the surprise! Lousy-me-who's-not-good-at-giving-codes failed to get Diana to understand the underlying meanings behind my words - instead ZW managed to pick them up!!! Anyway, we 'surprised' ZW with the package after the dessert:

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"Happy, sha-la-la, it's so nice to be happy, sha-la-la..."
(Packaging courtesy of Diana)

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ZW's trying his hands on un-tying the knots

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ZW's fumbling abit...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
... and finally ZW whipped the prezzie out! What JOY! =D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
ZW checking out the gift...

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The Trio
(how I wish I can pose as nice as I did here...)

And now, last photo for the day:

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Nice pony tails! =D

We went our separate ways after that; hopefully next time, it will be our RR wor....

Signing off............... Let us look UP, UP and UP.................

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