Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Photos: My Family, always there for me

Finally managed to transfer the family photos here...

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My Family

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With Mum and Dad (Their tops seem to match my hood =D)

Thanks for being nice on this special day, especially when:

(1) I had to be nagged at before I could wake up;

(2) I drove the lorry and everyone had to take cab;

(3) I didn't give the directions to UCC - as a result, the cab exited AYE from NUH;

(4) My brother and sister had to look after my gown bag and the bouquets during the ceremony;

(5) I was too busy running about that I didn't spend more time than I should with them after the ceremony;

(6) I only spent 5-10 mins to take these few shots.

Thank you.

My Family. My Priority.

Signing off................ To be a better son............

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