Saturday, July 15, 2006

Photos: The Trio

I'm glad that I had done Honours.

I got to know more about the Lecturers; I wouldn't have the chance to know that Prof. CHH was my senior several times over otherwise.

But most precious of it all, I got to know (and am still getting to know) some people who have become part and parcel of my life recently. This entry is dedicated to this pair of people - pair because its a lady's gentleman and a gentleman's lady, and nothing more. Ugly is fortunate enough to be part of this threesome.

Presenting, a slideshow of the Trio!

To ZW: Its not about all 'ups' and no 'downs.' Just drop me a line/SMS anytime you need to.

To Di: Big Show coming up! Best wishes, and remember to take more photos if you can!

Signing off.............. 手牵手,我的朋友............

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