Monday, July 31, 2006

Pigging In on a Sunday

I was awake for 2 hours, preparing for lunch and then the lunch itself.

Other than that, I was on my bed till 6+ in the evening.

What a pig.


Was packing stuff for reservist after dinner, when Galvin's msg came.

An hour later, I was at UCC picking him up for a night with Naga.

Picked the rest up at Lot 1; Jeremy and another friend of Naga's, Terence, was there as well. He's one of the guys we met last time at the Cosmos, but I've forgotten whether he's the one who like Chomsky (the political analyst side, not the linguistics side).

Anyway, the venue was AustWine at

First visit there - nice environment, nice wine. Pity about the lack of lighting though, made the game of Scrabble too challenging for the eyes.

Nice time catching up... and Galvin's gonna join me for a half marathon in Dec! (I hope!) Bad thing though, that my papers havent even started (first paper's due on the 7th I think...).

Left the place around midnight, and sent all the guys back......


Going back for a week of in-camp training.

No updates till Sunday then. Unless I have so much free time that I can afford to go to the computer centre over there, which I doubt so.

Till then....

All the best for Galvin for his interview later - I've volunteered to give him a morning call haha....

Take care everyone else..........

Shucks, I just scratched one of the wounds from last Sat's soccer session, and there's bleeding again. GREAT.

Signing off........... Adios................

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