Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm the oldest student...

Now that everyone (Except me of course) has stepped out of the education institution(s), talk revolved (mainly) around work and the future.

Sometimes, to create banter, even I subconsciously plunge into lines of "So, have you found a job yet/been called up for an interview?" type of questions.

And of course, questions aplenty regarding Masters, mainly on fees and period of candidature.

A bulk of the time was spent listening to insurance-related matters; until the beginning of this year, the only CFA I had known was Centre For the Arts - now I understand that it stands for some financial thingy accreditation. And, with that and all the listening, came a better understanding of the nature of the work. Probably need the advice (and the policies) later on, when I finally become Man. Better to have close friends as advisors rather than complete strangers handling your savings, I guess...


Sometimes, I wonder if the path that I had taken, to pursue an interest rather than a guaranteed income-churner post-adolescence education, has alienated myself from my past - am I becoming someone that is no longer the me that others had known?

Or is the real me finally showing, the real disparity between my past and my present, to be brought into my future?

Still, whatever happens, no matter the (widening?) gap, the friendship forged through the growing years - the sweat and tears on the field, the late night suppers, the 1997 NDP, the part we played in the 1998 revival, the spat with the juniors in 2000, stepping into tertiary education, then into the workforce - endures; thanks to Wenqiang for organising almost every outing. It takes a fellow organiser to understand the working-ons behind each (un)successful gathering.

Summing up, it was a mixed-feelings kind of evening; sad that some things are lost unto oneself, yet glad that other stuff remain as strong as ever.

Can't take that (and that, and that, and that.......) away from me..........

Signing off............. aiya, never get to see Shiqin; next time perhaps...........

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