Friday, July 28, 2006

That 10 seconds...

The narcissistic Self spent 2 hours downloading the 300 MB Commencement Video.

Total airtime: 2 hrs 07 mins 40 secs

My airtime: 10 secs (From 1:14:12 to 1:14:22)

MY GOSH, was that a stooge trudging across the stage???

(By the way, Joe, your interview rocks. =D)


Other news:

- GREAT! Ch. 5's replaying CSI:Miami Season 2 on Wednesday mornings 0100 hrs. Time to REALLY fall in love with H.

(I only remember his names from the few episodes I've seen, which number less than the 5 digits on anyone's hand.)

- Employment after reservist more or less confirmed; come visit me if you can!

- Having 3 appointments on a single weekend evening and choosing which one to go; tough choice is an understatement...

- The host of Amazing Race: Asia Edition --> ALLAN WU!

Signing off............ Checking out NTU's convocation later..........

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