Sunday, July 09, 2006

This is the Last Call...Are you ready? Am I ready?

I'm anxious, for reasons that I have not expect myself to be so.

I anticipate a headache amplified by 30 over times come Monday morning.

I can just picture my state of mind as I walk across the stage later.

I'm freaking out.

But at the same time, I'm extremely happy inside me.

It's personal, but I just wanna thank my family, especially Sis, over what she said over dinner.

I feel motivated all over again.


How many people will respond to the call?

Only Tomorrow knows.


Planned to do something about the Hons Class, but will probably reserve it till after tomorrow.

To confirm some old things, to discover new things, or to just remain being in the dark forever about others....

But, most important of all...

A last chance to do what previous outings, no matter how successful, did not accomplish.


Commencement's supposed to be a joyous event...

Yet, there's quite a certain amount of gloom from a number of people around me...

Let's hope the fengshui forecast for 10th July 2006 is a favourable one...

Signing off................. Apprehensive + Indecisive = Jialat jialat??? We'll see...........

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