Thursday, August 10, 2006

Going to Extremes...

Instead of going home after work, I headed to PS to catch Click with Nick et al.

The first half of the show got me laughing my guts out - most memeorable moment was when the actor who starred in White Chicks as the alpha-male athlete who had a big fat tongue and actually digged Vanessa Carlton's "A Hundred Miles" appeared for a cameo, in a similar capacity. Dunno why, but he's so super farny.

The second half of the show got me shedding a few tears. Well, catch the show if you wanna know why. I think it's nice.

And, Kate Beckinsale is drop-dead gorgeous, even when she had aged in her looks in the later part of the show. 3 words: to die for.

So tired, after the whole day's (and evening's) exertions. I'm showering and then turning in.

Signing off............ Work for da money............

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