Friday, August 11, 2006

Someone said...


Another step towards.............?


"... work at KFC for a miserable $2 an hour..."

Quoted out of context. But still...

Who can blame people in the frontline service industry for their glum and dissatisfied attitudes?

Unrecognised work, "miserable" pay...

It's normal to temp/part-time at food joints or cafés in other countries, but not here?

I'm starting to get irritated by people questioning my decision over part-time employment choices. So much that Í signed up with a tuition agency last night before I went offline - I have since forgotten the name of the agency.

Salaries / renumeration rates depend on market forces and demand and all that blah. But that shouldn't take anything away from people earning less and their accomplishments.

The ones doing all the sh*t-work gets the least pay - they, and the work they do, don't deserve the least recognition, or at least, any discrimination.

Where's the love yo?

Signing off.............. Cos we're (getting) Bigger than our Body...........

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