Wednesday, August 09, 2006

National Day is Today...

Supposed to be a festive day where the whole island goes into euphoria over the fireworks and the parade...

Me? Another excuse to sleep in, plus some painful bits that come back to "visit" me this time of the year, as if to commemorate what 9th of August means for me...

Fireworks are lovely, yes, but......

Some things are never meant to be sweet.


I don't think hatred is the most negative emotion.

I think the lack of emotion is the worst of all. Sometimes I find myself drifting into that, and it scares me a little. Indifference. I think it is a rebellious refusal to feel anything for you.

It is kept stubbornly in a Pandora Box.

Maybe it is escapism of the highest order.

Sometimes humour is a blessing and a curse. Blessing because it gives me great joy to make people laugh. Curse because I have become adept at using it to hide whatever I need to hide. Funny people hide the most things. I can tell you that

Not written by me; the blog is one of those that I keep in my Favourites, that I would visit every now and then.

Very nice and apt writing by the author (though I'm not exactly sure if "lacking of emotion" itself is a state of having an emotion).

Humour as a curse. I see it as a valuable mask.


All the Middle East violence had a very big consequence...

Liverpool's Israeli opponents for the Chanps League qualifying round had to search an alternative venue to play the second round match on the 23rd.

Ok, I'm missing a big point.

As I'm typing away now, the Mandarin lunchtime news bulletin is running reports of the ongoing conflict.

Somehow, even here at the other end of Asia, I can't help but feel that Israel is (subtly, I agree, but still...) being painted as the legitimate aggressor, forced to react to the devious force that terrorism is. The Lebanese civilian casualities are seen as unfortunate but unavoidable.

Total bullsh*t.

It gets sick up to the point when it is desensitising.

And now, the Islamic fundamentalists are reported to be sending armies to invade and conquer Israel.

When will all these absurdities ever stop?

Signing off.......... The World can never be healed..........

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