Monday, August 14, 2006

Out on a Sunday...

Finally gotten the race pack for RealRun. Traveling via Havelock Road ain't that difficult as I had imagined. Only thing that was sucky was the parking charges for Liang Court - it was $3 per entry and I spent only 15-20 mins there.

Picked up Zx and his friend HY at Redhill. Headed for Bishan to submit our pledge cards and collect our certs. The Before-After photo looked a bit disproportional haha - the Before shot was much bigger than the After shot - but it was ok lah. Lunch was a 20-min queue for some chicken rice that seemd to be quite famous, cos there was always 20 ppl or more in the queue throughout the time we were there.

Sent them back to Redhill and headed for Esplanade. Not the first time sitting at the highest seats for a free Sunday concert, but this time, the quality of the music was more pronounced when one sat further and higher away from stage. Was quite tired that I dozed off during some pieces.

Joined some of the members for dinner at Suntec Swensens. Everyone looked pretty exhausted, but I was remineded of those times when we used to hang out for makan after practices or concerts. This time, the company was almost completely different, made up almost of young people. Guess this is a promising sign for the ensemble, though some things aren't exactly heading the way some people will have want them to. I don't think I can fit back in totally though, especially after the lesson with DW and seeing and hearing how things had moved on.

Drinks at Harry's Esplanade - didn't plan to go this week and went in the end; probably next time shouldn't plan to go first, just make a last minute decision haha - where I caught the first half of the Community Shield match. Reds look promising, though backline still quite suspect and a tad too slow.

Drove to Bishan again and dropped Jus off. Pretty weird that I have almost never spoken to her prior to my departure, yet in one evening, I'd probably spoken with her more than I ever imagined. Life has its ways of making you stand back and awe in amazement and wonder of its complexities and intricate happenings.

Sent Jenn back before heading home.


Stop harbouring any hopes.

It will never happen.

There are so many obstacles.

And it's not even bloody obvious.

Signing off................. Think twice, think thrice, think many times..........

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