Sunday, August 13, 2006


KTV session.

Lesser ppl this time round, but equally fun.

Finally get to see the future Mrs. Kwok in real life - BY, you are a damn lucky man. Waiting to be your "brother" hah!

And Boo was impressing everyone with his harmonies.

And Coral Sea just sounded a tad off the mark with Jeremy and without Tsuifen.

And Pearl gave us an encore of Freedom again! But no wild table-top frenzy though.

And QZ chose a Chyl Chin song that was once my fav.

And Galvin sang nice songs that everyone else hadn't heard (much) of.

And I pretty much made everyone cringed at my attempt on Harlem's new song. (But hey, it wasn't really my fault - the song automatically modulated itself to a lower key when Harlem's voice was "switched off". Probably the people who made the video knew that the song would be extremely high for K-sters. Hah.)

Fun fun! Especially adding the "霍"-s and the "我"-s for BY - HAHA!



SOMEONE informed us that SOMEONE was broke and would skip the K-ing, only joining us for dinner - SOMEONE ended up with a new pair of shoes and a bag of chocs when we met up for dinner. This SOMEONE hor..........

Had Chicken Chef's Salad again, at Cartel. Plus generous servings of bread of course.


Pool Session.

Took combined efforts of Galvin and Boo to correct the way I played pool. Thanks dudes.

And I got a cut playing pool - a world first, I believe, that someone actually can get injured playing pool. I'm such a joke.

Galvin's team was darn unlucky - dunno if it's just the lack of karma or what, but the night just didn't go well for them on the pool table. Ask them.

All in all, great time spent, with QZ making it back just in time from his evening gig, urban-trekking from Beach Road to Orchard with his bass in tow amidst all the traffic jam in the city.

Splitted up after 11 - Boo, QZ, Galvin and myself spent further time chatting, first in Liat Towers BK, then on the steps of Liat Towers itself.

Took NR5 with Galvin back home.


And Saturday came and left just like that.

Signing off............. Haven't train for RealRun, and its NEXT SUNDAY.........

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