Sunday, September 03, 2006

No break, No cry.

My pain in my left leg has been "moving up" - literally.

Thursday, it was at my big toe. By Saturday, it had showed up in my calves; was still feeling it during the early Sunday run with Galvin at West Coast Park. Now, after the run, the pain had emigrated to the left knee.

I just hope it does not move any further up.



My schedule for the past week was supposed to be a two-day work week; ending up working everyday (due to the sudden changes in staffing), culminating on Friday - going up to the top floor of UH and serving a round of drinks to some top NUS ppl (how I know? Bumped into Prof. Chng there, who's representing the Arts Fac.), and then kenna SLAMMED on Friday afternooon with non-stop orders, missing the entire 4201 Syntax class in the progress.

And next week promises to be even more exciting - clocking 11 hours each on Monday and Tuesday, Presentation on Wed.

No break, No cry.

Signing off.............. Why Steven's MSN nick so sad but so true - understanding the opposite species..............

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