Friday, October 13, 2006

According to Friendster's Daily Horoscope...

The Bottom Line
Today, reorganize your social circle to leave unhealthy people outside of it.

In Detail
Has someone been putting you under pressure to be perfect lately? Ignore them. Shake loose of their apprising gaze and invite them to focus on someone else for a while -- like himself or herself. You add sunshine to the lives of most of the people you touch, so why worry about one person who is still stuck in their own personal fog? Let go of the few missteps you have been making -- after all, everyone else who matters already has. Reorganize your social circle and leave unhealthy people outside of it.


Sometimes, when random things corrrespond to reality, it IS scary...

But when it's not, life goes on.
Causal relations built upon a combination of randomness and coincidence.

Btw, today's Friday 13th for 2006.

Looks like there's no rest day next week.........

Signing off........... EL5200 topic - what to do sia...............

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