Saturday, October 14, 2006

Code of Honour

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NUSWS Da Capo 2006 Trombone Section

If everyone else stays, I can consider partial retirement - just a matter of persuading one of the ladies to partner Firdaus for Bass parts...

Plus the fact that next sem's Grad Research Seminar is held on Thurs evenings - I can seriously consider NOT playing for an Intempo for the first time in 4 years.

Which is gonna be really disappointing.


"Tell my tale to those who ask...

Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly...

The rest... is silence."

- Dinobot's last words in Transformers: Beast Wars


I've never been a fan of the Beast Wars series, but this episode's pretty cool.

Don't know what to expect from the Transformers movie out next July, though Spielberg is the exec. producer for the film. Saw some shots taken at one of the filming locations some time ago on the Web, and the "live" robots seem a tad disappointing.

Nonetheless, my first must-see movie for 2007.

7.4.7 (as how they indicate dates in the US - Month/Day/Year)

Signing off............... soreness in and out...........

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