Sunday, October 08, 2006

Al Fine - Da Capo I

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NUSWS Trombone Section for Da Capo I 2006 - minus Giam & Firdaus
(Photo courtesy of Weixin's 2.0 megapixel handphone.)

It came - then went, before anyone barely felt it.

First half - 40 mins.

Second half - 30 mins.

But then, it felt comfortable, assuring, when you know that you are not playing your part alone, and other parts are being doubled/tripled as well.

Now I know I miss playing in a big section - not just the fullness of the T-bone sound, but the fun and interaction as well.

In high school, it was at least 12-16 T-boners at one time, max. 24 for the Central Judging; in college it was 4; in my time in WS, the number fluctuates...

8 is a pretty nice number - hope it stays that way for Intempo 2007, that the old foggies still hang around and the freshies continue their involvement.

Thanks to the two freshies who gave us Rocher chocs - sorry, I haven't really get to know the names of everyone yet(!).

(Maybe that's why no one showed up for the Section Tea that I'd organised. Hah!)

Everything aside, I still enjoy the past few weeks, especially on rehearsal on Thurs, where we had played (IMHO) a near-flawless first half repertoire during our last practice.

And so far, with good feedback outweighing the not-so-good ones, I guess it's quite successful in a sense.

Thanks to Kumar, Wan Cheng and Daniel for coming - otherwise, I'll have to "da" $36 worth of tickets.

Supper with the JB ppl @ this Hong Kong cafe at West Coast Road, before sharing cab with Giam and his beau to Senja to meet my sec sch mates. Lost $3.60 in Tai-dee, when one card is worth 10 cents.


Signing off......... Black is the colour of my true Self's hair............

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