Tuesday, October 17, 2006


When certain parts of an environment starts to negatively impact on oneself, one's performance in that environment necessarily gets affected to a certain extent - like how the inconsistency of one's performance deteriorated to such an extent that even oneself is aghast and appalled by it.

Imbalance of the physical realm strikes the mental & spiritual realm.

Balance was temporarily restored, but it won't be the case later.

Dreading tomorrow.


I always thought that the band named itself such because they were, philosophically speaking, "lost soldiers" in life; when it became apparent that it was more of a similarity to an iced beverage, it became sort of anti-climatic...

Anyway, their rock-y version of the Fish Leong song kicks some ass (no matter how they got their name). Hope there's a karaoke version of it available somewhere (yes, I'm am STILL itching for a full-blown KTV session).

Whenceforth courage?

Courage to say 'no'? Courage to say 'don't want'? Courage to say ' Me want'? Courage to step out of one's shell? Courage to stand up to the rest of the world?


Ok, I'm real distracted.

Back to MSN and work.

Signing off............. 我们都需要勇气..............

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