Tuesday, October 03, 2006

(Re-)Aligning myself

Recently, I had a chat with Naga on the bus while we were travelling home.

Talking about stuff related to a personal level.

About satisfaction gained from being viewed negatively by others - yes, it sounds like a fetish, almost self-mutilitating, but I guess it can be a pretty inviting thought.

Particularly, I can now appreciate some behaviour of others which I had previously considered weird or unorthodox - like moving out to live on one's own as soon as financial stability beckons, for example.

In fact, I considering moving some personal stuff to Grad Room or Hons Room, especially since I've found out that I can make it from Arts to Science on foot in 10 mins.





Thoughts running in my head now.

The extent of "bird shit" that is spreading amongst the extended family, I've been most unaware, till recently.

It's one thing to disregard all this shit, but how it affects your closest ones...

If someone takes up alot of insurance policies and decides to prematurely "cash in" "deliberately" for the benefit of loved ones, will it be considered as being doing the right thing, ie being useful, being fillial?

Again, why we so judgemental, especially when we don't know the real facet of the people we are judging?

Suddenly, I can appreciate the expression "Hidden daggers behind those smiles"...

I don't know whether to feel pain or not - to do so would be giving the dagger-welders too much credit, won't it?

Gatherings will never be the same again.


Another long-yet-short night ahead.

Signing off............. Wake me up when the world ends..................

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