Saturday, October 28, 2006

Singing Lemon Tree and Ducky reminded me that this particular singer hadn't been all about such "fun" songs and nothing else...

你要独处的时候我就是孤独, 你在微笑的时候我就是幸福
亲爱的我的温柔你怎么记得住, 我从来没有在你面前哭
你去流浪的时候我也被放逐, 你想说谎的时候我变成赌注
亲爱的我的温柔你怎么记得住, 在你身边我像影子一样模糊

在你的世界里我一个人住, 你认为甜蜜我觉得痛苦
你曾说过爱情应该是无条件地付出, 哦…
到最后还是我一个人住, 跟你的脚步我迷了路
我很难对自己交待清楚, 因为我在乎

希望你会懂 ( with 张震岳)
张: 就此挥别过去要奔向明天, 让我惦着念着的是你的容颜
没有你在我身边漫长路越显遥远, 难忘记你的眉你的眼

苏: 不相信时间可以将真情改变, 不因为距离而减少对你的依恋
没有你在我身边, 漫长路越显遥远, 临别前再让我见你一面

张: 拥有你的心多叫我感动永在我心中

苏: 我带着我的梦独自在风中面对苦与痛

(Lyrics courtesy of
this website - almost all lyrics of Tarcy's songs can be found.)


Marked the end of another gruelling week with supper at HK Cafe at the old Joo Chiat police station building or something. Fare wasn't fantastic, but the couches were great.

Btw, the reason I'm still able to write here was because I summoned whatever last ounce of energy left in me to speed back home before my body went into sleep mode - but not without seeing a familiar figure jogging along the road at close to 6am on a Sat. morning. That left me much surprised but mostly disorientated as well - I took a wrong turn (when I need not have to at all) and ended up confused for all of 30 secs before spotting some familiar names like "Queenstown Primary School." By the time I turned back, the figure was gone, and there was no way to verify that the figure was "him."


When one doesn't have any concrete goal in life, or at least for a particular stage in life, randomness reign.

Like sometimes thinking of life, dying, death, falling ill, family, future, past....

Any time, anywhere, random thoughts set in.

Even in the midst of rushing an assignment, as Naga testified.

Which doesn't really differ from what had been occupying my mind every now and then as well.

Okay, end of randomness.


Feeling utmost lethargic.

How I wish, that everyday could be spent on a deck chair, on a balcony, reading.

In reality, I should really be headed to the loans counter and get those two RBR books.



Updates likely to be sporadic, with term papers upcoming, plus the desktop monitor fizzling out - meaning lesser time online.

Signing off.......... I wish I knew how what it feels to be free..........

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