Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All for Zaobao

Grabbed a copy of ST on Sunday while mulling over readings at Coffee Bean - Jiawei and Yufeng/Ronald made it to Page 3 because their r'ship apparently is on the rocks.

The article scooped it up with interviews from some friends who "declined to be named" (as usual) who let the cat out that the two might be cooling off.

I say, give them a break will ya?

And you annoymous whisperers, thanks to YOU, the ST-reading population now knows exactly one more trivia, and the (estranged?) couple has now lost part of their personal space and possibly social circle.

On a totally unrelated note, both man and woman featured in the Hot Bods subsection under the Sports section were formerly from WS. Way cool (but that still doesn't prevent ST from being sucky).


And then, I read the Zaobao on Monday for one of my fave columns:


● 林弘谕




  没住过三房式组屋的人,很难想象一屋子如何容纳得下三代同堂约10人的生活。没到过租赁组屋的人,不晓得一房半厅是什么样子,凭空想象它是否像studio apartment(小型公寓)那样,麻雀虽小,五脏俱全。









It's so close-to-the-heart, so relevant, so warming. Maybe it's just me, that I can relate part of myself to part of the text, but it just beats reading about "national gossip" anyday. Period.

Come to think of it, the suicide really touched alot of hearts all around, not just making people dig into their pockets for the family, but also offering some room for reflection.

We often moan and bemoan so much about all things that affect us - who had the man who died to turn to and moan about his plight?

How much of that helplessness went with him as he jumped onto the track? No one will ever know.

Had I ever shared a seat with him on the bus/train before? Could I have ever prevented this from happening if I had chatted with him? I will never know.

What I know - Never underestimate Silence, nor take it for granted, because Silence definitely can have more weight than words/sounds/noise.

Just like magicians, except that people chose not to reveal their version of the Prestige because they have their own reasons other than the purpose of getting even with competitors.


Shucks. They don't have 退后 by 周杰伦 yet.

Have to make do with Youtube.



The Ugly thinks he's gotten it all, been through Hell and back.

Actually, he hasn't gotten it all yet, perhaps not even a fraction of Hell.

Wake up, damn it.

Signing off................ Not a penny to my name (metaphoric)...........

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