Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's actually..... all about numbers, statistics and Damn Lies. All this Bloody while.

If the article cannot be accessed here, I shall reproduce it below.

"Wednesday November 29, 12:17 AM

Singapore's education system must focus on quality: Tharman

Education Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam says Singapore has done well in producing good numbers like enrolment rates and average scores.

But moving ahead, it needs to focus on quality and giving people both academic and applied skills.

Speaking at the opening of the Asia Competitiveness Institute on Tuesday, he warned against the numbers chase.

Mr Tharman said: "I make this point about not chasing numbers and chasing indicators because there is for one reason or another in a whole span of countries around the world, in Europe, in the UK, in Asia, there is still a chase for numbers at the high education levels. And when you talk to business people, if you look at business surveys, you do get a sense that we are facing an over-supply of university graduates in several industrial countries." - CNA/ch"

(Date and Time accessed: 29 November 2006 / 0050hrs)


We've all been duped.

Mere playthings on a puppet stage, being led into entry from stage left to exit out of stage right, at the will and mercy of the chief controller.

Quality has always been secondary.

Statistics. Numbers. Damn.

Where's the love yo? I donch know.
Where's the truth yo? I donch know.


Slightly depressing trip on the way home.

All because of what had been airing over radio.

Direct tactics, indirect techniques, cutthroat methods, subtle hints.

Made me feel a bit sick, some of those responses.

Where's the love yo? I donch know.
Where's the truth yo? I donch know.

Signing off......... 别等到一千年以后...........

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