Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Life; Pillion-ing; 菊花台...

Just came back from a dinner with old friends...

Boy, Indonesian food (or rather, a pale resemblance of it) sure reminds me of late May/early June 2006...

Seeing an old friend embarking on motherhood - such a miraculous thing, especially hearing accounts of how the foetus keeps disturbing the mom-to-be, going for natal exercise (is that the term for it?)...

Had the impetus to feel the new life - but then, it's so rude ain't it? Was secretly jealous of YS who had the liberty to feel him/her on the ride back...

A New Life - A Miracle, A Hope.....


Hitched a ride from BF to school - no more 96 past midnight...

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Cam-pimping while pillion-ing!

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Guess who?

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Who else but the English who messed up the lexicon...



MV 导演:周杰伦

你的泪光 柔弱中带伤
惨白的月儿弯弯 固住过往
夜太漫长 凝结成了霜

雨轻轻叹 朱红色的窗
梦在远方 化成一缕香

菊花灿烂地烧 你的笑容已泛黄
花落人断肠 我心事静静躺
被风乱 也微摇 你的影子剪不断
独留我孤单 在湖面神伤

花已伤完 飘落了灿烂
凋谢的市道上 冥冥不堪
手摸独樵 愁心拆两半

谁的江山 马蹄声慌乱
我一身的戎装 呼啸沧桑
天微微亮 你轻声的叹

菊花灿烂地烧 你的笑容已泛黄
花落人断肠 我心事静静躺
被风乱 也微摇 你的影子剪不断
独留我孤单 在湖面神伤

Signing off.......... Binding; Reflexives, Pronominals - my closest buddies for 10 more days..........

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