Monday, November 13, 2006

James Bond

Ah, NOW I realised...

We have a new Double-O Se7en, and a new-old Double-O Se7en movie out soon - Casino Royale.

And in anticipation of this occasion, we have already decided that we are gonna build casinoes - but of course, being the innovative and creative Singaporeans that we have been educated to be, they are going to be called Integrated Resorts, with "interesting" regulations to ensure that we suck earn the money from the poor right people, and of course, include other money-sucking earning devices so that people will get to enjoy all-rounded fun and entertainment at absurd, ridiculous and ultimately, money-sucking reasonable prices that cater to the elite majority of the population and more importantly tourists who are dumb sensible enough to choose Sentosa/Marina Bay over Vegas/Dubai/Macau anytime, any day,any SPG.

And to celebrate the occasion even further, we are currently
hosting our first ever International Poker Tournament (at my former workplace, no less), where "More than 160 players paid US$400 each to have a go at the tables for the opening rounds," and "At least 30 percent of them are Singaporeans." How nice! We might just produce another King of Gamblers while the goal of our football team reaching the World Cup Finals remains as elusive as ever!

And to bring everything to a orgasmic climax, and to make sure that our society is more inclusive, more cohesive, we are going to make sure that our social security safety nets are cast even wider, in order to reach and help the highest income group - and to achieve that, we will supprot the increase of GST from 5% to 7% with lots of grudge and resentment pleasure and understanding. The increase of 2% will trigger off an increase in spending on the part of the Government (Don't worry, the mechanisms and know-how behind this increase will be taken care and accounted for, and all the 'peanuts' will be counted and tallied), and indeed it is precisely because the economy is doing well that we are embracing this hike in GST. Now the abolishment of elitism looks in sight because once the income gap is narowed, it has the potential to disappear and then everyone will either become elites or commoners!


-Disclaimer: The above is written with a can of fermented barley in each hand, with half the contents in each can already swimming in the stomach; take it with a pinch of salt. And btw, I think Daniel Craig is a real stunner, in his own class (besides being a blonde, that is).-

Signing off.............. Monday Blues...........

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