Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's happening on Thursday 16th Nov 2006?

(1) Probably the most powerful person in the world (but draws an annual salary of 2/3 of a peanut - in US $; compare this with THIS) drops off at Changi for one day;

(2) People taking their As and Os get to sleep/mug for some more time because their exams are adjusted to start a little later;

(3) "An important event will be held at University Cultural Centre on Thursday, 16 November 2006," which prompted one email circular to be sent to the email adddresses of everyone belonging to the world's 19th-ranked university (this, without explicitly stating the nature and type of event, except that the
SPF will be carrying out some actions), advising motorists and others involved about the changes made to accomodate this very "si-peh-sia" & important event.

[I just hope I won't take 2 hours to travel to school, though if my bus comes to a stop at the trafiic junction outside UCC, beside a limosine with the insignia of the bald eagle, I won't mind risking my life waving to the passengers inside - and then probably
returning the one-fingered Victory salute to a very specific passenger - watch the vid from the previous link and one'll understand. Heh.]

(4) You've thus been warned notified.


In other news, after seeing Today's featured article on Wiki, it reminds me of my primary school days, when I initially wanted to join the scouts (remember those days when scouts were decked out in light Brown/khaki uniforms, while the female equivalent Brownies were, well, brownies?)...

...until my mum discovered that the uniform's gonna post a hefty $70+.

Probably good that it turned out that way - still remembered how scouts became labelled as "Si-Gao" (dead dogs).

Signing off.......... Ultimate BO-LIAO-ness.........

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