Sunday, December 24, 2006


I hate these emotional roller-coaster rides - hating the whole world one moment, and then loving it the next.

Nonetheless, I'm grateful for the love (and perhaps the luck?) - the present that greeted me the first thing I opened my eyes early Sunday afternoon (thanks to Sis); the thoughtful Christmas card that welcomed me when I walked out to the living room (Thanks ZW, I'd never expected that! =D); that moment of relief when I found my birth cert - after its 'disappearance' had threatened the otherwise uneventful weekend and the activity-filled week coming up.

And of course, the numerous Christmas SMS greetings that I had received - thanks, though I couldn't recognise most of the numbers cos they were stored on my Sony-Ericsson.

Just spare me a bit of the downs, can? It's freaking annoying and demoralising, especially during times where everyone else just has everything going good for them.

Gonna go in search of some material gratification - meanwhile, if Christmas has a special meaning for you, Merry Christmas; otherwise, enjoy the long weekend all the same.

Signing off............. Now, if only my pay is here already............

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