Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Everybody wants heaven but nobody wants dead..."

IPT's all well; SAF decided to put on heart rate monitoring on trial, and for sessions 2 and 3, we were given a piece of the Polar Fitness FS3c heart rate monitor watch and the T31 coded transmitter.

And until now, I think I've gained some first-hand experience of how wearing a bra feels like.

It doesn't help when the instructor likened the feeling of wearing the transmitter to wearing a piece of bra, and emphasised that it has to be worn [quote] "just (1cm) below the nipple level" [unquote] for it to effectively detect the heart rate during exercise.

Actually, it doesn't come as close as wearing a proper bra - cos the breasts aren't covered. But it does sort of give some discomfort that can probably be compared to the underwire of a bra, except that the transmitter itself is encased in rubber and the strap is of elastic material.

And if one does not adjust the transmitter to fit their "bust" width, one might need to constantly adjust the it and pull it up to the right position - probably just like what might happen if an over-sized bra, or a tube top, has slid down and gone out of position.

Feedback so far? Troublesome for something massive like IPT/RT, but a nice-to-have piece of equipment for one to track the effectiveness of a work-out. And for ladies, the transmitter can be replaced by a compatible
Triumph Tri-action Pulsebeat sportsbra.

Ah, the toys that money can buy...


Attended a concert on Sunday.

What left me the deepest impression was how the final-year members who would be leaving the band were acknowledged - during encore, the rest of the band played 《月亮代表我的心》, while the conductor read out the names of the leaving members one by one, following which, each of them, upon their name being read, would take one last exit from the band and the stage as an official member of the band.

I don't know about anyone, but if it were me, I would just flood myself with tears while taking my time to exit myself, giving hugs to those still on stage and those who had mattered alot.

It was a moment of the concert that was touching, sad, bittersweet, all at the same time.

The willingness of the conductor to carry out such a gesture spoke of how much they have bonded and grown attached to the band and its core - the members - and also, how much the band means to him/her. Strong emotional bonds and attachments aren't built in a day - the conductor's gesture is probably a very good example.


All of the Good and none of the Bad.

A Perfect - and Ideal - scenario.

But then, the world had been made imprefect, was imperfect, has been imperfect, is still imperfect, and, with almost utter complete certainty, will surely be imperfect.

Which means, I will find it most difficult to comprehend the riddle regarding the obessesion with diamonds - at most, probably arriving at an approximation of specific individuals' reasons for such an obessesion, or any obessesion for that matter.

However, others' imperfections help the self to be able to see the self's imperfections; to accept others for their imperfections; that the self is also imperfect in others' eyes; that nothing in life is a bed of roses, lilies or chocolate truffle cakes...

"Everybody wants diamonds without the bloodshed..."
- Nas 'Shine on 'Em'

T.I.L. (This is life.)

Signing off................ Take care and better come back soon, Sharon.........

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