Wednesday, January 10, 2007


After a smooth 1/52, 2/52 got off to an abrupt and troubling start.

Like, your team getting gunned down in disasterous fashion, brought crashing down from heaven through earth straight into hell.

Or, like a certain module registration website being down when you most needed it, and when it finally came back working again, you realise that the module that you had been aiming for since day zero has already reached its quota.

Or, when you approach the office staff for help, you get non-apologetic replies - nope, I don't expect the staff to solve my problem, but it was really kinda depressing to know that there's almost nothing that anyone can do anything about the matter.

Hence, the next half an hour spent on drafting an appeal letter addressed to the lecturer to accomodate one more stupid dumbo into Friday's class.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Thrice, and you can go and die.


I think alot of us EL people see Boo as being over-enthusiastic about bikes and biking.

After this evening's session with him and Nic, I'm totally convinced that I had been too short-sighted and mean all along.

A lot of times, its difficult for two or more people to share the same insight towards something if the amount of interest and passion differ.

What's needed, perhaps, is a little more respect.


Hope everything turns out fine later on.

Meanwhile, it's time to draw up a masterplan for an audacious attempt at trying my hand(s and legs) at something that I would have never been allowed to do, in the near future.

I give myself till December.

Signing off.............. To the drawing board, then............

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  1. C'mon man, I've had nothing but deepest respect and admiration for Boo's obsession with bikes.

    Heh. Not really. Maybe when I get my bike, I'll understand =P