Sunday, January 07, 2007

Eye-opener - No time's too little....

Short week at work, but as always, there's always lessons in life to be learnt anytime, any place, anywhere.

The last week for any kind of relaxed banter of any kind at work before the semester starts. Inevitably, the conversation would stray into the realm of "love's grave" - marraige.

When queried how he embarked onto this great journey, a fellow colleague simply replied "It's the next step in the relationship mah. Pak-tor pak until sian liao, so just move on to marraige lor...", or something along that line.

Further on, he mentioned about having known his wife for 1-2 years before proposing, and there's none of those fanciful/"romantic" shite that TV has always fed us with.

Deep inside, I kinda understand what he meant by sian in a dating relationship - though the type of sian might be different for various people. He gave an example of how they had been doing the same thing repetitively and felt the need to "move on" (argh, this term again...).

I feel it's could also be that it had been the right timing for them to move on. Timing, as in 天时,地利,人合 kind of timing, where everything is waiting to fall into place. Otherwise, they wouldnt have made it thus far, having their little cosy place with kids and meeting each other after work for little trips.

Final advice he gave me: "Don't worry about [getting hitched] now - once you start working, and once you have 对象, you will be getting settled down before you even know it..." (Again, not exact quote, but along that line somehow.)

Problem is, I don't even know if I will be doing proper work when the time comes. Hah.

I still believe in the institution of (blissful) marraige - I'm just not quite sure that I'll have the luck/done enough good to enjoy it.

Signing off................. Sunday already? Wah cow - 1/52 liao.........

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