Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Plenty of us are guilty of this - laments about being in the state of poverty at some point in time or another. I is guilty as charged as well.

Is it because we are truly poor?

Or is it because of the company that we keep that makes one think that way?

By poor, is one really talking in terms of financial difficulty?

And if there exists poverty (in any form and state), there surely should exist its bipolar opposite - if not, where hence the comparison, the laments, the moans and bemoans?

Seems like the most fundemental thing to question something is what it stands for - just like what's free in "Work makes (us) free."


My neighbourhood had new, bright lights to replace the old lamp posts with their orange lights - less than 9 months before we are going to be forced to move out to neighbourhoods that looks brand new from the view outside those zinc plate barricadesbut have actually been lying there for a couple of years with apparently no interested buyers, with weeds growing and cracks appearing, and which workers are rapidly and desparately trying to re-refurbish for the peasants.

Everyone should feel safer now and for the next few months, even if they stumble across groups of foreign workers occupying half the pavement with themselves and their bottles of beverages and peanuts/chicken wings/any food.



Any insights as to the symptoms of a 1/4-life crisis?

Existence of a 1/4-life crisis is quite significant. Acknowledgement of such an existence might point out to a suffering of burnout from life, no?

Perhaps, religions provide a way to soften that harsh reality - directly or indirectly. Perhaps, that's why even an atheist can recommend taking up a religion seriously to restore meaning in life.

Meanwhile, back to more rest......

Signing off............... Sleep beckons............

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