Thursday, February 15, 2007

Half-time Mini Analysis

So fast - half the semester's gone already...

On first sight, A's class might seem redundant, and it probably is.

But then, he might not wanna be doing this either - unless he has to.

Heard from Naga that there's a reason why he's still around in a department that no one else but himself is actively engaged in the discipline he's working in.

At least, he delivers - and with cute amusement too!

Some things, when left un-understood, just (continue to) get misunderstood.


By the way, today's class gave a me a most beautiful line:

"The only wisdom we can hope to achieve
is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless."

Can't be anything true-r than that.


It's a not-so-lonely night outside LT31 - a couple of strangers seem to be camping here overnight as well.

LT 31 - a very significant venue during those Science and Tech team days back in sec school.

Where the neighbourhood underdogs took home the overall championship from right under the noses of all the other established favourites, even though our 2nd- and 3rd-placed teams lost out to the 1st-place team from RG. This, being the first-ever competition that the S&T team had taken part in.

Where I saw an ex-primary school classmate and went into hiding while my other teammate (pri sch classmate as well) initiated a conversation with her.

Where the improbably became the probable then the possible.


Bad: Slippers are damaged.

Good: Science V-day bazaar was selling Ripples thongs.

Better: Ripples thongs - 20% off, meaning closer to $6 than $10.

Best: Enough money to get a pair.

Worst: Few (unisex) designs.

Worst-est: Not available for feet bigger than size 10.



Xiaostar: The movie's name is "Crazy n' the City."

Speaking of which, Babel is being recommended as a 'must-watch.'

So I should catch it soon!

Signing off............. (Dun give up) You gotta get what you give...........

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