Sunday, February 18, 2007

Perpetually Disturbing

First movie at Vivocity, and it left me so disturbed...

I wondered if I would have felt differently had I caught
this instead of this...

Performances from the cast were all top-notch - this is undeniable.

Seems that I can't come to terms with what the film is subtly trying to bring across.

A lot of desires can actually be unlicensed - by society, by family, by strangers, by friends, by neighbours, by associates...

Strictly speaking, there's no free will - free speech, liberte, what-have-you.

Being social creatures, decisions cannot be made without considering the after-effects, the pros of one choice over another, who will be affected by the decision-making processes.

Some things, while desirable, only exists in a fleeting moment - others might be mundane, but they are there whatever happens. Your choice?

Social beings are socially bound.


Watching 干柴烈火now; for a period of time, Miriam Yeung had always landed those "blur", clumsy, silly and unlucky-at-love loser type of roles, but eventually there would be a happy ending.

In real life, not everyone is suited to enjoy happy endings.

Signing off.............. 猪年快乐,万事亨通.................

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