Sunday, February 18, 2007

The story of a hunting rifle...

If Little Children had tried to show how one should make the best decision without causing any inconvenience/discomfort/hurt to those around you, Babel, to me, would be a lesson in terms of learning the consequences of such "rash", "bad", "harmful" decisions.

A sudden urge to run away in fear, in the face of a sorrow death.

A purchase of firearms to protect the herd.

A tour destination chosen because of ite remoteness.

An economical decision that might seem to be killing two birds with one stone.

A moment of trying to show who has the better shot.

A decision to risk trying to evade the authorities.

A rush to experience the forbidden fruit.

Decisions that seem innocuous at the point being made, but proved to be calamitous.

But then, who can predict the future?


"I promise to fight to the very last for the safety of my family, but that very thought is keeping me from fulfilling my promise...

The battle is coming to an end.... we have only our rifles, and there is no more ammunition, no more water...

... A day will come when they will weep and pray for your souls... I will be in front of you!...."

Character of Lt. Gen. Tadamachi Kuribayashi (portrayed by Ken Watanabe) in
Letters from Iwo Jima

Gotta catch this one as well.

Oh! And another good one:

"History... it's just one f*cking thing after another."


Isn't it ironic that, during a period where people are supposed to have nothing but good things to say from their mouths, that one actually hears more bad-mouthing than normal.

To speak less, and listen more - to understand.

But, equally important, to speak more, appropriately - to be understood.

Signing off............. Gonna try the new Bagel for Mac Breakfast someday........

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