Saturday, March 03, 2007


You know the day's gonna fall apart when:

You fall asleep without even completing one reading for your upcoming test in 18 hours' time.

You wake up and get berated for falling asleep - again.

You oversleep, true to your prediction that you had hoped wouldn't happen.

You realise you had worn your top inside out only after you have alighted at a bus stop full of girls, ladies and women.

You feel like you are being treated as a "Roberto."

You waited and walked for 15 mins under a weather hot as hell, only for it to rain and turn into a weather cold as hell 5 mins after you have reached your destination.

You photocopy only odd pages of a reading which had been printed double-paged.

You are still thinking of what to write for the first part of the first question 20 minutes into the test.

You have a splitting headache 5 mins before that.

You still have a splitting headache after the test.

You end up finishing a Zero, not Hero.

You rent 2 free DVDs using vouchers, only to spent one hour trying to get the DVD-ROM to first open, then read the DVD, then get the laptop to detect the ROM.

You spent the next hour trying to find a region free DVD software player.

You still have a splitting headache now.

At least my lusty craving for KFC has been satisfied.






《开心女孩》- 娃娃

作詞:鄭智化 作曲:鄭智化

請不要告訴我 我應該怎麼做
我有我的夢想 青春的天空遼闊
Kissing Kissing I love you so
開心 開心 我的選擇
親愛的爹地媽咪 請你們聽我說
年輕只有一次 永遠不再回頭
Kissing Kissing I need you so
開心 開心 開心的我

請不要告訴我 我應該怎麼做
我有我的夢想 青春的天空遼闊
Kissing Kissing 盡情擁有
開心 開心 我的選擇
親愛的爹地媽咪 請你們聽我說
年輕只有一次 永遠不再回頭
Kissing Kissing 盡情把握
開心 開心 開心的我



作词:李子恒 作曲:李子恒

因为爱着你的爱 因为梦着你的梦
所以悲伤着你的悲伤 幸福着你的幸福
因为路过你的路 因为苦过你的苦
所以快乐着你的快乐 追逐着你的追逐

因为誓言不敢听 因为承诺不敢信
所以放心着你的沉默 去说服明天的命运
没有风雨躲得过 没有坎坷不必走
所以安心地牵你的手 不去想该不该回头

也许牵了手的手 前生不一定好走
也许有了伴的路 今生还要更忙碌
所以牵了手的手 来生还要一起
走所以有了伴的路 没有岁月可回头


《梦难留》- 郭富城

作曲:陈大力/陈秀男 作词:陈大力

所有的迷惑转 都有了结果自
该走的时候音 你不用多说魁
日出又日落 并没有谁错
我不会舍得你难过 我只恨错过

在你我之间不必安慰 不必理由 不必任何藉口
把你我之间说过的话 流过的泪
抛在你的背后 别再回头 
我的路 一个人走 
只愿你 幸福白头 
爱己是空 我只恨梦留



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