Sunday, March 18, 2007



A busy-like-bee month.

Even though there are already the max no of days allowed in a month, there always seem to be not enough time to do everything - concert to promote, tickets to sell, other concerts to attend, extra practices to attend, presentations to prepare, heart-aches to endure, tests to study, papers to write...

But then, maybe time has passed too quickly for alot of people - imminent departures already looming ahead, perhaps too many for one's comfort.

Italy still stands a slim chance, but it's a struggle...


This Intempo is a little bit extra special - because the whole family, sans Bro who was in Taiwan (incidentally, everyone went to send him off at the airport - that makes it 2 family events in 3 days), came for the concert, to see (and hear) what their often-MIA family member had been up to every now and then.

Apologies for running off without helping out much with packing up - this time round, family takes precedence.

Dinner was finger-licking good - claypot rice and fish head, roast duck, greens, seaweed beancurd.

Followed by a trip to Holland V to catch the remaining Boneys + "where's-your-bow" bassist at Breko, then the Pet-ers (one highly suspected tipsy and animated Pet-er included) at Wala.


So much going on in the mind to pen down, but most of it probably frivolous trivia.

Thanks to:

Shan for the post-card (and the “marvellous" nick).

Jenn for the scone (the first thing that I had devoured after rehearsal).

Minghui and Weixin for the chocs (though I've yet to receive them).

Siseng for the chocolate.

Jacinth (?) for the flower.

Everyone else who made a difference.


Zlich academic work done over the weekend.

Back to the grind then.

And priority is to call the laptop shop for my warranty.

Signing off............ 已不能再回首.............


  1. hohoho!!

    u really dunno who i m or u jus wan me to say? haha

  2. princess: Haha I think I know who you are, courtesy of someone =D

    Pet-ers sound ok eh?

  3. u made tt our new tags!!
    keke.. courtesy of someone...
    do i smell rain? or so i see dark clouds?? :P

  4. Haha, constantly innovating =D

    Someone = Huishan lah...

    You made me lost in your rain and/or dark clouds le... :S