Monday, March 19, 2007


More mentions:

Thanks to Cloud who had some stuff for me, but I -vooomphed- before anyone had the chance to halt me - bobian ah, this is ONE time I promised to myself not to let the family wait too long at the same venue, the first and last time.

Also, the Honey-star Makers (got Shan, Nick, Cloud, Yokes [anyone else?]) - it would have been the purr-fect snack for a sweet-toothed sucker like me, but alas, after passing the Pet-ers their share, I found none left.

The section gals for their chocs (again, I had disappeared too soon) - thanks for tahan-ing the crap and shite and the after-break 'fragrances.' Seems like Boneys can tahan fellow Boneys the most hah.


The euphoria has quietened down, but seems like something else hasn't really gone away.

Damage today:
$9 cab fare - sleeping at 530am, half-awake at 930am before fully awaking at 1130am
Forgetting to wear a belt AGAIN - countless pull-me-jeans-up-s
Half a bottle of orange juice - spilled
Lost handphone pouch with handphone, IC, 11B - left it on the bench downstairs while reading Naga's paper for tml.

Lucky that some kind-hearted souls came personally to my grand-dad's door and called me to open up the door for my pouch - I hadn't even realised I didnt bring back the pouch. Reminds me of the time when I had left my wallet on the bus and came back home to sleep without even realising that I had misplaced something - took the police to come personally to my door to inform me about it.

It's been a week.


If you need some adrenalin-pumping in NUS, during term time, every other weekday evening, look no further than AS7.

Everytime I walk pass, my heart would either skip a few beats, or go into sudden overdrive; salivary glands would suddenly kick in; the gaze towards those glass-panelled walls would linger as long as time allows...

Quite a few awesome bodies with plenty of killer moves.

I should have had so chosen to dance - the Destroyer can kill hor, donch pray pray.


Signing off................ When will this ever stop?.............

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