Sunday, March 25, 2007

Inept + SDH

A very happy birthday to Zhenwei, long-time friend and neighbour dating back to primary school days.

For the second consecutive day, I had Japanese cuisine (or some variant of it).

First visit to Central Mall - this new (and big) shopping mall above Clarke Quay MRT station, very big, but only soft-launched, with many shops still under renovation, and its aisles from 2nd floor and above ala those in Vivo - narrow.

For half the evening, I had a fair share of the limelight - being introduced as the "friend of 17 years" made me feel both proud and old haha.

Not knowing almost everyone present at the dinner, I had the fortune to sit with some people who had been more sociable to a stranger - shame that I don't remember their names - but this particular soon-to-be-ex Air-Force regular and this friendly gal tried to engage me in conversation every now and then.

By the end of the evening, I think I make boring company haha - kinda socially inept at these situations as well. And the constant need to paraphrase what a degree in language/linguistics entails and doesn't entail.

How should I conclude? Probably a mixed-feelings evening.


Sometimes, I feel like I'm transversing different alternate universes.

Signing off............. Cheers............

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