Saturday, March 24, 2007

Money flies...

Didn't know that Suki Sushi has buffet on weekends as well.

Pretty much stuffed ourselves for a good 2 hours at least, before a good deal of walking and standing managed to ease the internal "congestion."

Heading back towards the West in the evening...

... and found myself wanting to catch a movie at JP.

Ended up skipping the movie, cos it seemed that the whole of Jurong decided to catch a movie on Saturday evening.

Went window-shopping for a present; ended up buying a gadget for the laptop - the
TravelPac e-cool stand for laptops - another $40 fly away to prevent my laptop from frying.

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And I gotta come up with a birthday present by tml evening...

(Ed: Thanks to Di for the suggestions! Enlightened!)

Signing off............... 钱钱钱不够用..............

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