Saturday, March 24, 2007


Bought the most innovative b-day presents yet for Nala - fitted her to a T.

Kudos to da man, QZ.

Interesting stuff at
Pantry Magic and Galerie Cho-Lon at Chip Bee Gardens, albeit abit atas.

Culmulated in a supper over rojak and mee hoon kuay - together with Mel.D + Boo, who came over to NUS and gave us a pleasant surprise.


During supper, Boo had been relating a particular anecdote about one of this HCI students who got a lot of stick from the rest of the class over the enunciation of "opportunity."

It would have just remained a humourous teaching tale, if not for something strikingly similar that took place in class just now.

Frankly, she's real strong - any weaker being would have just shut up after the first instance of mass mocking and volunteerily shrink into oblivion without any further prompting.

Being stigmatised - never a great feeling.

Signing off............ Its weekend again.........

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