Wednesday, May 16, 2007


"Don't watch too much tv or computer games.. Cause an idle mind is in the workshop of (the devil)..."



Summer Palace isn't as bad as the negative reviews that it had gotten, though one gripe that the critics probably got it right was the length - the last third could have been shorter.

The rashness of youth, of "immaturity," in political activity and in relationships.

The few joys and the many sorrows it brings.

The consequences to be borned upon.

And then, being "restored" to social order, the days of being wild put to rest...

Perhaps, that's why there's the Chinese saying:





为爱而生,为爱而亡 - 伟大,还是愚蠢?

有时,还是不要太复杂比较实际 - Keep things simple, right?

在此停笔。。。。。 藏无幻想,存无欲望。。。。。。

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