Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good People, Bad Times

An afternoon of excessive elaborate decorum.

Its glad to chat with these people again, people whom I'd spent a year, some a little more than that, together, on the line of duty.

Its surprising that the man who had been my initial 'Encik' actually remembered my full name. And I hestitated to greet him back because I didn't know his current rank. (Later I found out - he has moved on a few ranks up since the last time I had seen him.)

Think we just made a mess out of that place, the few hundred of us. LOL.

Bad news - Something big's brewin' up in September, bigger than what we had probably experienced (except, of course, the biggest experience that we had gone through during active times).


After the afternoon had drawn to a close, a bunch of us headed to Bishan for KTV.

When a group of 8 guys come together for KTV, one can expect few songs with women as their original singers.

But it was fun nonetheless.

In particular, a song about "blowing horns" had the whole room burst into laughter; we couldn't leave the "blowing horn" innuendo behind till we left.

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Good times spent with good people.

A prelude to bad times then.


Giam, the best man who's on Youtube searching for vids of old songs, sent me this best vid:

Wind of Change - Scorpion

Found another of my fav long long time ago, and still is one of my fav:

Time - Tommy Page

"Time will always heal the pain, bring the sun, and dry the rain..."

How much time then?

Signing off................. A coffee-free day..............

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