Friday, June 15, 2007


I've never been adventurous with games - its either sports (read: FIFA, CM, NBA) or the occasional strategy (RTK, C&C, SimCity).

Nonetheless, the ability of those around me to master the controller and 'fight' their way through countless adventures has never failed to amaze me; indeed, I can spend hours just watching people play games.

Which reminds me of those (law-breaking) days of spending afternoons in arcades in uniform - most occasions I seldom spent more than $1 on tokens lol.

Coming back, I've seldom paid attention to the OSTs of the games I played, especially the music. Tonight, I'd the chance to be transported to the fantasy world of video game music.

The compositions were pretty brilliant - money spent towards procurring the ticket was worth it.

Maybe, just maybe, the orchestra has alot more to express and to move - hearts, that is. Alot of times, I had been left hanging in the air, expected to be brought to earth with my breath being swept away; instead I was left gasping for more, more.... MORE...... but the climax never really came.....

Maybe Circle 2 ain't a good place, maybe more strings are needed, but there's definitely more to be expected.

Hmmmmm, the chorus (partly from NUS choir) were pretty decent, and so were the accompanying gameplay graphics, though the producers could have slotted in more images. So classic - 2D Mario, Shinobi, Zelda + 3D WoW, FF, Sonic Hedgehog, etc.

Good stuff, that has the promise to be much better.

Signing off.............. Gaming music convert..............

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  1. glad 2 noe tat i m nt e only fella unadventurous w games... me only CM n FIFA n RTK... n also tat jin yong qun xia zhuan. hahaha...

    u goin watch king lear?