Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Let me return, as the Wind.........."


Nothing pretty much happened.

Sending-off dinner on the PH at Tapas Tree was fab. (Mr Q, photos wor.)

JW's last day of work on Friday - bubble tea and egg tarts on her :D

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*sigh* One less working partner to talk cock liao.

Midnight shopping at Marina Square on Sat with Jenn was pretty crazy - I should get a VIP card from IP Zone. And technically speaking, midnight shopping shouldnt end AT MIDNIGHT...
Missed the wedding lunch that I was supposed to attend on Sunday - and ended up having a very filling take-out dinner at home with family. And guess what - there's oyster omelette for supper!

哥哥说 宽宽的河
弟弟说 白白的鹅
鹅要过河 河要渡鹅
不知是那鹅过河 还是河渡鹅

At other times, I'm glued to the couch and the TV. Caught numerous movies and documentaries and variety shows.

I thought Windstruck was a pretty irrelevant name for the movie, but it makes sense after watching the movie.

Election 2 should tie up the loose ends in Election.

Our Sun will end in a whimper instead of going out with a bang. It's nerve-wrecking to know how apocalyspe might be like.

It's amazing how one can look with the addition of make-up. And it's ironic that, in the quest to look natural by artificially enhancing aesthetics, one is denaturalising the au naturale of the self.

It's confirmed - the main star of the Pirates franchiase is Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp, no doubt about it - heck, not even Keira Knightly disrobing is worth half a popcorn cinematic moment as anyone of Jack's humourous lines.

徐乃鳞 and 曾国城 is the best pair of game show mouths in the Mandarin variety circuit - no qualms about it.

Sadly, it's Monday already........

买了布 打了醋
放下布 搁下醋
飞了鹰 跑了兔
洒了醋 湿了布

Signing off............... If only life's all about TV-watching.................

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