Sunday, May 27, 2007

Equality... on whose terms?

Crazy weekend - one look at my bank account and I know why.

In fact, the past 2 weeks' been pretty crazy.

Went down to Amara hotel on Friday after work, and realised that it might be the same place that I had gone to for the Arts Club DnD at the end of Yr 1.

The weekend flew by - when will time ever stop or slow down when one's in good company? - and then, June beckons.


How inclusive are we, this red dot smacked in the middle of somewhere?

Peel off the skin, and alot of times, it becomes retrospectively scary what kind of hideous, misplaced beliefs the inhibiting mechanisms are suppressing, beliefs that manifest only when accompanied by like-minded fellows.

Stereotyping and generalising what is unknown, making exceptions for what is known - couldn't it be the other way round?

What is tolerance, without understanding? It is nothing - masking the real beneath a cloak of falsity, nothing more than a façade.

And then, there's the misrecognition, the misplaced trust in institutions.

The pullout makes economical sense - minimising losses before they get too great.

But where is the heart in the first place?

Close to 150 people place their faith on and swore their allegiances to One, only for it to forsake them in its infancy, out of the blue.

All in the name of unsustainability.

Material beings in a material world.

Signing off........... And I ramble on................


  1. "misrecognition" attracted me 2 put my 1st eva comment on ur blog... lol...

    i think tat said institution has sacrificed its reputation. they might think it is a victorious move in wateva sense it may b, but juz a pyrrhic victory perhaps. e folks left in e lurch who had health prob n cant travel r e most excluded.

  2. Well, there are bound to be hits and misses - just that the misses are probably those that are real bad ones...