Monday, June 25, 2007

Silence isn't Ignorance

Within one day, I encountered two similar scenarios.

(Note: These are not faithful reproductions of history - they represent how much of the past my mind can remember, and how I hope they can be re-presented in an alternative way.)

B: You know the people over the next table?

[Yah. Why?]

I think they didn't realise that I know NN - they were talking about NN's KK, saying that he had HHH 'cos he's starting to TTT, then some others seem to agree and insisted that he did HHH due to TTT, and it went on and on until someone came in to correct that his KK is so because he's going to start his III.....

[Yah get your point - how can ppl start to discuss and speculate about others with such certainty, without knowing them in-depth?]

C: Hey, why did WWW come down that day hah?

[Hmmmm I think WWW wanna hear us bah.]

You know, WWW's QQ is someone that I know, same age as me...

[Oh really.........]

It's not absolutely wrong to assume that we are what we say/do/act.

It does not mean that we are not what we fail to/never say/do/act.

Human beings are just too complicated.


Quite a couple of nice songs recently...

Khalil 方大同 - 爱爱爱 (Cool melody)

Clare 郭静 - 我不想忘记你 (《偷天换日》片尾曲)(Upcoming new singer)

许哲佩 - 疯子 (Her innermost thoughts)

许茹芸 - 好听 (Sassy and sexy!)

梦游 - 孙燕姿 (See Yanzi 'conduct' a small group of young musicians!)

该忘了你对不对 - 周蕙 (Not that new)




Signing off............. 刽子手的笑话............

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