Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Buona Sera!

Had an absolutely amateurish practice - those two beside me can testify.

So worst that I myself couldn't take it and escaped to the non-reality realm as soon as I had gotten home.

And then, 祸不单行。。。


Was utterly touched by the gestures and more importantly, the words from Japanese food stall aunties -I don't know what good (if any) that I had done for their kindness, but I shall definitely do something for them when I get back.

Thanks too, to D for the shower 'equipment.' =)

Probably some more last minute shopping before I head for school tomorrow morning.

Will impulse get the better of me, or will rationality save my money?


Brings me back memories of this time last year.

I'm reminded of those times spent wandering around little towns, taking long-ass bus rides through the country-side and the mountains, letting the huge Bali waves play me...

One of the most enjoyable times I had last time round was actually spent on the mini-deck outside one of the bed-and-breakfast places. Slouched in on the bench, coffee/tea on the table, with hands occupied by a book and fag. I think that was really laidback and more importantly, it allowed the body and mind to recuperate and recharge. Though it wasnt really benefitial in terms of sight-seeing and experience, it did me good.

Perhaps I've been too preoccupied with the second-most important element of this trip that I kept missing the element of paramount and primary importance as the departure date draws nearer.

Time to re-group.


It's that time.

Buona Notte.

Ognuno, stai attento e buona fortuna!

Signing off.......... Hope the host family has lots of sun-dried tomatoes...........

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